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Presidents Message
Saskatchewan New Horizons Winter 2019

Hello from Saskatchewan.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year. We held our SAAA conference on Nov 6-8.  And was well attended by SAAA members. I would like to thank our outgoing board members from this year's elections: Colin Bevan, Travis Karle, Scott Kosmenko, Glen Funnell and Brennan Jardine.  With that we welcome our new board members: Laura Lawrence, Corey Sharpe, Jeff Farr, and Ryan Gidych. As new Vice president we have Tanner Denesowych and Secretary/Treasurer, James Pottage. I would also like to thank Ted Anderson an outgoing President.   We had a major bylaw review and clean up this year, this will help the board function more smoothly and efficiently.   We had three credit sessions this year; Spray System Set-Up, with Alan Corr, Sharing the Skies, with Corey Csada and Labelling, presented by Danielle Neisz.  All were very well done and a big thanks to each of our presenters.  


This fall was a rough one for many farmers all across the prairie provinces.  I know in Saskatchewan there are a few areas with lots of crops left out.  This will make for a long spring for many farmers and could potentially cause some late seeded crops.  Let's hope for early spring to help that out.


We have had a change in our SEAT program, the government has appointed Marlo Prichard of Sask Public Safety Agency to take over the program.  We are still in the pilot stages but had some good results with a fire this past year.  We are very hopeful this program continues and thankful for all the hard work our members have already put in to get the program this far along.  We have gotten training material for this coming year and have been invited, to the in-class training that Northern Air Ops attends.   


Hope to see everyone in Victoria in February. And look forward to hopefully a safe and prosperous year to come.

Chad Vanderbyl


Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Association

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