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Presidents Message

Saskatchewan New Horizons Winter 2019

The SAAA Single Engine Air Tanker Program was needed early this spring and responded to several calls starting in April. Several Operators have obtained fire gates to comply with Transport Canada. Some out of Province Operators have requested to participate in the program however Operators in the province will be given priority. If they are unable to respond out of province Operators will be called by dispatch. The implementation of the SEAT Program is most welcome with the extreme fire conditions that we have experienced this year. 

SAAA members should have received a package in the mail explaining the update to our Bylaws for members to review before the annual meeting in the fall. The board has put a lot of work into the bylaw update which was needed to comply with regulations and allow us to serve the members properly and give us guidance. The Board has also updated the SAAA Code of Conduct which directors are required to sign when they are elected to the board. Please review the package carefully and be prepared to vote on the changes at the annual meeting. 

I would like to congratulate Chad Vanderbyl on being elected as the next Vice President of the CAAA. I trust that he will serve the members well as he has been doing already. This opened another position on the CAAA board from Saskatchewan. Tanner Denesowych was appointed at our board meeting in April to fill this position until the members can ratify this at our annual meeting. We have had the President and Vice President filling these positions. Tanner is willing to serve as the next Vice President when my term as President is up in the fall and Chad will become the SAAA President. My position on the CAAA board is given to the new Vice President when the terms of President and Vice President expire. So, the members will ratify Tanners position on the CAAA board if he is elected as the new Vice President. The members will then select the person for the additional position on the CAAA board. I would suggest that when we need a third representative on the CAAA board that the Past President be next to approach. 

I am in Quebec on the Spruce Bud Worm program as I write this report as are many of our members. Our fleet is somewhat depleted in June as the Forestry program in Quebec is expanding into Ontario and we are called to provide our services. This has encouraged many operators to expand their fleets to keep up with the demand across the country. It is good for our industry to see all these new aircraft arriving each year.


Remember to keep safety first especially when we get busy.


Ted Anderson


Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Association

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