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Presidents Message

Saskatchewan New Horizons Spring 2019

The SAAA has done an extensive review and update of our bylaws to comply with regulations and reduce the size of the board to nine. The Bylaws were very outdated and contradictory and need to reflect the actions of the board and members. We had added several directors a few years ago and we have come to realize that this is to many, the directors should not outnumber the rest of the members attending an annual meeting. The 2018 board will be reinstated until the next annual meeting since the members were not given advance notice of the vote on the resolution to change the constitution of the Board at the annual meeting in the fall.

We have been working closely with 15 Wing at Moose Jaw since the near miss of a spray plane and a military aircraft last summer. We have informed them that there are significantly more agricultural aircraft now than there was ten years ago, especially faster turbines. They are looking into ADS-B and TCAS to improve safety since see and avoid is no longer adequate for safety. Capt. Corey Csada has put together a presentation outlining the operations at Moose Jaw and what they are looking at to address the issue which will be distributed to our members.

The Ministry of Agriculture was informed that Aerial Application is not on their list of tools to prevent Clubroot in Canola. They assured us that this was an oversight and they would add Aerial Application to the list of tools to prevent Clubroot. This list will be distributed to Agronomists throughout the province.

Aaron Trudel’s Crew Resource Management presentation at our annual conference in Montreal was an informative overview of the process and content required by Transport Canada. Brian Shaw had a similar presentation at the Wings of Saskatchewan Conference in 2017. However, everyone will have to develop their own CRM program and adjust it to the size and scope of their organization. Cody Rockafellow has an ad in the CAAA classifieds to help members develop their company's Crew Resource Management program as mandated by AC700-042. 

Saskatchewan EMFS has received letters from the Aircraft Manufacturers stating that our Agricultural Aircraft are designed for fire fighting as they are from the factory. They also have a request for exemption letter drawn up by Don Cummings. EMFS would like Operators to submit the Request for Exemption letter with the letter from the Aircraft Manufacturer to their POI to complete their approval for Fire Suppression. 

The season is quickly approaching and I wish you all a safe and successful summer.




Ted Anderson


Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Association

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