Code of Ethics

These are the principles which govern our corporate activities. These are the values which guide our decisions. This is what we believe in. This is the code we live by:


Aerial Applicators assess all conditions

before applying crop protection.

  • We are committed to agriculture, forestry and related pest vegetation management.

  • We believe in integrity, both personal and collective... it is the life blood of the SAAA entity.

  • We set challenging personal and corporate goals and take pride in achieving them.

  • We refuse to make claims about the association or it's members, which cannot be categorically proven.

  • We respect and value the environment.

  • We strive to meet health, safety, and environmental regulations set by the Government to rise above the norms of our industry.

  • Our goal is to earn the trust of our customers, suppliers, government, and the Canadian public.

  • A fair and reasonable profit allows us to invest in improved solutions. This helps farmers to safely and efficiently produce an abundant supply of wholesome and nutritious food.

  • We make a meaningful contribution to Saskatchewan agriculture, Canadian society, and the world in general.

SAAA Office
202- 1630 Quebec Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V7