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Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Association Memberships Now Open

Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators, Canadian Aerial Applicator, and all provincial associations (AAAA, MAAA) memberships are set up to be purchased in online through the CAAA for your convienance.


2020 SAAA Individual Memberships

  • $115.00

2020 SAAA Operator Memberships

  • Operator 1 Aircraft - $393.75 

  • Operator 2 Aircraft - $446.25

  • Operator 3+ Aircraft - 498.75

  • Additional Pilot (first included) $115.50

AgAir Update and Dr. Stan Musick release COVID-19 Poster for AgAviation

April 3, 2020

AgAir Update

In cooperation with Dr. Stan Musick, a regular columnist for AgAir Update, we have developed this poster to be displayed at your operation. Every subscriber will receive one in the mail in the coming days. Download PDF here.

Welcome to DriftWatch

Communication + Cooperation + Collaboration = Successful Co-existence

DriftWatch ™ was designed by staff from the Purdue University Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Agricultural Communications departments with input and support from Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists. It is now operated by FieldWatch, Inc, a non-profit company created by Purdue in collaboration with interested agricultural stakeholder groups. For more information, visit

This DriftWatch registry tool is meant to help pesticide applicators and specialty crop growers communicate more effectively to promote awareness and stewardship activities to help prevent and manage drift effects. Our data set is overseen by state-appointed stewards who verify each area submitted to the registry. The boundaries on the map are not property lines, but user-submitted specialty site designations. Furthermore, DriftWatch is not intended to be a registry for homeowners or for sites less than half an acre in size. 

This site features a powerful map interface that clearly shows applicators the locations of registered specialty sites so they can use the information in their ongoing stewardship activities before they spray. 

In addition to user-submitted sensitive crops, the map interface provides other data layers that give further insight into sensitive and protected areas, as well as help identify county/township/section jurisdicions.

Share The Air Awareness Posters

June 24, 2020

Written by AgAir Update

Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators have developed a Share The Air posters to bring awareness of the increasing number of low-level ag aircraft flying throughout the growing season. SAAA has asked Saskatchewan Aviation Console (SAC) and Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) to circulate these posters to all members and ask their members to hang both poster at their local airport terminal/clubhouses to help bring awareness and educate fellow aviators flying through Saskatchewan skies this summer.


PDF Poster Here

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