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Goals & Objectives
  • To maintain and promote the development of a professional approach and attitude to aerial application

  • To maintain and promote professional standards in and out of the aerial application

  •  To promote research and development of crop-aid products and application techniques

  • To protect the environment and promote professional application techniques

  • To continue and maintain relationships and work side by side with government agencies


Agriculture pilots are highly trained professionals, that have many educational credit opportunities every year. Currently two schools exist which train pilots to entry-level. These graduates then must work for experienced operators under direct supervision to ensure they meet industry standards. As our industry grows in Saskatchewan. More and more operators, pilots, office staff and ground crews are attending credit sessions to become more knowledgeable of aerial application, and implementing safe, and professional standards from credit sessions.



Aerial application offers unique advantages to farmers. The ability to apply crop protection products in a timely manner; fungicides, insecticides, or desiccation in wet conditions. Crop loss due to wheel tracks is non-existent, which can also cause problems when harvesting or direct seeding. It's our goal to maintain educational opportunities for aerial applicators to continues to support agriculture in a safe, professional manner.  


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